Why Women Cheat

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Women will cheat because they’re not being given what they think they’re owed (and feel entitled to).

The motivation to cheat is really about her and her wants.

She wants to feel sexy and attractive; and she wants a sexy and attractive man to make her feel that way.

She also wants her physical and emotional needs met; and to not still feel bored after.

This post isn’t intended to scare men into believing all women are cheaters. It is intended to make men aware of how their actions may or may not be affecting the women they’re romantically involved with. Why women cheat will depend on their feelings, commitment, and investment in their partner; as well as the risk involved in getting caught cheating.

Although I’m not proud of myself for being the type of person women find themselves cheating on their partners with, I’ll offer my perspective on the top reasons why women cheat.

Why Women Cheat

She Is Bored

She doesn’t feel her relationship is exciting anymore. Everyday life is mundane, repetitive, and this becomes something she resents (albeit comfortably). When she’s approached by a smooth-talking jerk, she’ll choose jerk over boredom.  Having an affair is her response to feeling trapped in a boring relationship.

She Is Scorned

She’s been cheated on and feels humiliated. “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” because she is fearless about the consequences of her payback revenge affair.

She Is Sexually Frustrated

Women love sex. When there isn’t enough sex in the relationship or the sex is boring/bland, a woman will fantasize about sewing her wild oats again. The reason romantic novels and books like 50 Shades are Grey are so popular is because women pine for acting on their sexual desires and unleashing their inner-slut (without judgement, of course). This fantasy turnsover into reality if an indiscreet sexual affair is arranged that could alleviate her sexual frustrations.

She Has Low Self-Esteem

She isn’t secure enough about herself and how her partner feels about her. She constantly needs attention and being told she’s sexy, beautiful, and loved to boost her self-esteem and reinforce the idea that she is desired.

She Is Lonely

She doesn’t see enough of her partner, so she feels neglected, ignored, or unappreciated. Her desire for intimacy- to be touch, kissed, manhandled is a desperate plea for attention and to fill the lonely void of an emotional connection.

She Wants More

She isn’t happy, and her unhappiness is a cue that something is missing in her life. The unfulfillment she feels causes her mind and heart to wander, looking for incentives to end her current relationship and pursue a new relationship with someone she perceives to be more powerful, more intriguing, or more attractive to her; someone she rightfully designates to be her “soul-mate” because he makes her “happy”…at least for now.

She Is An Emotions Addict

Her libido is raging and she has an inability control her urges (and close her legs). The revving up of her sex-drive is an addicting emotional thrill she pursues over and over again. Sometimes she’s looking to get caught just so she can experience the potential emotional fallout of her reckless behavior.

She Wants To Re-live Her Youth

She is a sexy older woman that just wants to feel sexy again. She remembers a time in her life when there was a rush of men that romantically courted and pursued her; she misses that time of her life and she just wants to feel that she’s “still got it”.

She Has A History Of Cheating

Once a woman cheats, she’s likely to cheat again. She values a carousel adventure of men over monogamous relationships, jumping from man to man not knowing what she wants; but she knows she doesn’t want monogamy and she doesn’t care.

JT Styles (43 Posts)

JT Styles is a dating coach located in New York City. He has trained extensively in the social and seductions arts since 2008 and teaches a distinctive style of approaching women based on masculinity, honest sexual expression, and understanding female emotion. His clients include professional executives, college students, divorced singles, the sexually inexperienced, and any man that wishes to improve his current dating situation.

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  1. Socialkenny says:

    I agree with all points here.

    The one that I really have to be wary of is the reliving her youth point since my GF is a MILF. If things go array, or even if they don’t, this might be an outlet. Or if she does cheat, her approaching menopause may be a reality check and a call to action to relive her youth.

    I got my eyes open.

  2. inlone says:

    It almost seems like men just cheat with their bodies, but women cheat with their souls.

  3. Niko says:

    Women give sex for romance…… men give romance for sex. It’s a game that has been played for ceturies. Men chase after the skirt and women love the attention….. HAHAHA Play ON!!

  4. Jay says:

    This entire article is based on obsolete feminist ideas. All it says is when a women cheats its a man’s fault. Its exactly why men are no longer interested in marriage.
    Try reading this

    • MK says:

      I agree with Jay. She cheats because she is a whore who can’t control her impulses and honor her word. Otherwise be a free agent and do that style but whatever it is its not all about her. In fact F her and definitely don’t marry her…

  5. Rebeca - Siren says:

    If the sex isn’t satisfying and a woman isn’t feeling emotionally fulfilled in her relationship, “her interest may wander toward other men, hence women cheat ;)

    • JT Styles says:

      And this is something men may not understand because women communicate on an emmotional level. Logically, men and women know cheating is wrong…but emotion trumps logic. We’re human after all.

  6. Edgar says:

    I feel people in relationships have lost their moral compass. Once you trust has been broken between each other it’s very hard to get that back. If you really think cheating is right, you have are another think coming. In the end you will pay for your mistake. The truth will come out. It’s worth trying every thing to make things right between husband and wife. If you are upset with your partner let them know, go to counseling if you have too. But don’t cheat it’s not worth it. Choa Ed.

  7. Morten Olesen says:

    Great article that hit the triggers for sleeping around on your parthner. Usual in a relationship after the first love has vanished, it can start to become a bit boring. Women are adventure creatures so they might need the adventure and thrill again (men respond a bit differently when sleeping around).

  8. Kz says:

    They just dont want pussies, they want the bigbadwolfs

  9. Arunthia says:

    I want to add one more point. A woman is more likely to cheat after being cheated by a man that she is in love with. This is kind of revenge.


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