Sex On The First Date? Yes, This Is For Me

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That one word describes exactly how I felt when I saw her from across the street.

I was already five minutes late to our scheduled 9:00 PM date and I could see the anxiousness displayed by her wandering eyes, perhaps wondering whether she’d be stood up.

Rewind to a couple of weeks ago- I approached a slim, hot blonde girl with blue eyes in Union Square Park. We chatted for a couple of minutes, mostly talking about the unseasonably warm NYC weather (it was 70 degrees in March). We left exchanging numbers and Facebook information.

Fast-forward to tonight- I see a slim, hot blonde girl with blue eyes dressed to the nines. Total NYC stunner status. This is for me ;)

I texted her earlier in the afternoon to “wear something hot”, and she certainly took that seriously. She showed up wearing a revealing pink mini-dress that accentuated curves in all the right places. Nice!

When I tapped her on the shoulder, she greeted me with a hug. Her creamy white and soft skin coupled with the fragrance she was wearing instantly turned me on and got me hard. All I wanted to do in that moment was rip apart that pink mini-dress she was wearing and ravish her.

I checked her out up close and soaked in her sexiness with my eyes. My mind was envisioning the toe-curling sex we’d be having later that night.

“Whoa”. That’s exactly what I said, or rather muttered as we gazed into each others eyes.

I gave her a quick peck on the lips; it would be a blockbuster preview of things to come.

“Let’s go”, I said as I grabbed her hand and we made the walk over to a nearby wine bar.

While walking, I spotted a couple of guys whose heads turned as we passed them by. Either they couldn’t believe a guy like me was out with such a hot girl or they wanted enough of a glimpse of her so they could mentally right-click, then save-as that glimpse to their wank bank folder.

wine bars are great for first dates that lead to sex

When we arrived inside the wine bar, it was nearly empty. I led her to a private corner of the venue, far from any spectators, far from any judgments.

I’m a guy, therefore I have a penis and wasn’t afraid to use it. I expected it be a gloriously passionate evening that would culminate in sex.

I never doubted whether we’d have sex on the first date because I already knew she liked me. If she didn’t, she wouldn’t have agreed to meet me for this date, nor would she have spent the time getting as dolled up as she did.

Besides, sex isn’t a big deal, so there’s no need to make it into one. We’re both adults anyway, so why delay the inevitable…

Of course, we’d still have to transition from strangers to lovers; but I didn’t mind enjoying the company of a hot blonde girl and seeing what she was about.

She was an elementary school teacher that was new to teaching and new to living in New York City. The way she spoke about her students, and about her friends and family was both amusing and endearing to me.

Instead of waiting to speak, I actively listened as she shared the personal and intimate details about her life with me. The more she opened up, the more I learned about her philosophies, inspirations, and motivations, etc. I found out that not only was this girl very hot, but she was also very cool.

When I did speak, my voice hit not just her ears, but also struck at her heart and the tingling between her legs. I seductively stared into her eyes to amplify those emotions she must’ve been feeling.

What I felt, she felt…and I was felt great as my hands gently caressed the exposed sensual parts of her body. We were emotionally and physically engaged with each other, doing things inside that wine bar that her parents wouldn’t be proud of.

The natural progression of this blossoming romance would be sex. It was the win/win option and it was my responsibility to make it happen…tonight.

“Do you like pancakes?”, I asked.

“Yes, of course!”, she replied.

“Great. We’ll have some on the morning”, said as a matter of fact, as if it were a foregone conclusion she’ll wake up to the smell of blueberry pancakes, which were my favorite.

“You know…I’m not that kind of girl”, she coyly remarked.

“Fair enough. I just want you to have fun and be comfortable”. I knew she definitely was THAT kind of girl; all girls are that kind of girl (under the right circumstances). Again, sex isn’t a big deal, so no need to make it into one. She only said that so I’d respect and not judge her for acting on her sexual impulses.

“Let’s get some more wine”, she said. This meant she needed more liquid courage to act on those sexual impulses. She wanted me, but she wasn’t yet comfortable with the idea of bringing home a guy she met on a first date.

No worries, I was still enjoying her company and knew it was only a matter of time.

After a few more drinks, she abruptly asked, “Do you want to come back to my place?”

“Okay”, I said nonchalantly. She was now ready, while I always was.

We exited the wine bar and hailed a cab ride to her place. She mentioned she never does this, which sounded familiar. It was the same first date script I’ve heard many times before with girls I’ve gone out with.

We arrived in her apartment and within minutes we were ravishing each other on her bed…just as I had assumed when I first saw from across the street earlier that night.

JT Styles (43 Posts)

JT Styles is a dating coach located in New York City. He has trained extensively in the social and seductions arts since 2008 and teaches a distinctive style of approaching women based on masculinity, honest sexual expression, and understanding female emotion. His clients include professional executives, college students, divorced singles, the sexually inexperienced, and any man that wishes to improve his current dating situation.

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  1. ted says:

    Now THATS what im talking bro!! A++++++++++

    I like that part were you said “She was now ready, while I always was.”

    I think that explains a lot for when we take things too sexual too fast. we are very quick to jump on it. but girls sometimes need some more comfort before they jump on it too…as she did later that night ;)

    • Omar says:

      hehee I thought I was the only one to say A++++ for everything I approve of… nice..

  2. Jesse says:

    Good stuff man. Isnt it a life changer when you experience the fact that all those little things women say are only worth a grain of salt? FOR THE WIN.

  3. Jake Hollow says:

    This meant she needed more liquid courage to act on those sexual impulses. In my book she can use this as “Date Rape”, and legally she can win.

    I prefer in having the women I have sex, before the liquid so that there is no surprise.

    • JT Styles says:

      She wanted to get more drinks, perhaps because she felt it would loosen her up. It provides her plausible deniability too.

  4. John Robie says:

    Props, well played JT. In my experience, holding off the sex until she’s the one jumping me sets up a better long-term dynamic, even when she’s totally down the first date (ESPECIALLY when she’s down, actually). Of course, every guy’s goals and rhythms are different – this one’s for you – totally understandable. Be Amazing,

    • JT says:

      I look to inspire her emotional thirst for lust, and lessen the inhibitions that are holding her back from acting on those emotions.

      When I am seducing a woman, I seriously want her to believe sleeping with me is a good decision and I want it to be a great experience for her. It’s the romantic in me ;)

  5. Gmac says:

    Played it just as I would have, like a pro. Gotta love it when you can connect with a girl and then direct the conversation (and night) the way you want it.

    This is how 90% of my online dates go these days, but eh the girls aren’t always my preferred caliber, looks wise.

    Textbook bang, nice.

    • JT says:

      Thanks man.

      It’s unbelievable the guys that will go on dates with hot girls, and then act like a man without a penis.

      If she wanted to just hang out and have a nice conversation, she could be with her friends…instead, she’s with me, and she knows exactly what’s what. Girl knows there a very good possibility of sex; and she likes that.

      Game is played when a guy makes a move. Simple.

      • 3rd Millenium Men says:

        “Game is played when a guy makes a move”. Brilliant line. Keep it up.

  6. Invictus III says:

    Nice job! I had a friend who recently got in good with a stunner. Normally he’s very cocky and very comfortable with the ladies. This girl however had him acting a fool. He was taking her on dates and coming to bars to meet up whenever she called him. It was like her hotness threw him off his game. He never even got it in even though he had multiple opportunities to steer it that way. He’s now a sad resident of her friend zone. I saw it coming a mile away.

  7. paulclinton says:

    but does depend on each type of woman, some women just have that phobia about first date sex, even thought they want it, they feel too slutty about it. It’s a matter of good judgement, and if it’s a no, then wait 24 hours, no problem.


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