Routines & Attraction? Oh My!

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My biggest problem with “routines” is that they are lies. And very often they are absurd lies like Brad P.’s “The Horse Girl Opener”-

YOU: “Hey do you like horses?”
GIRL: ”HUH? ummm yea i guess.”
YOU: “Hmm, I thought so. OK check this out, when I was in the 6th grade, there was this girl who loved horses. She used to run around the playground for an hour straight at lunchtime. She’d be galloping and making horse noises. We used to call her the weird horse girl.”
GIRL: “Yeah, so?”
YOU: “well…you look JUST LIKE HER!”
GIRL: “Hey!! (giggling and smiling) I’m not the weird horse girl!!!”
YOU: “OK that’s cool. If it was me I wouldn’t admit it either. Now I’m
not saying you’re definitely her, but just in case you are, I want to tell
you I’m sorry.”
GIRL: “Sorry for what?”
YOU: “Sorry for all the times I made fun of you. See, in school I was
always one of the cool kids. And I used to make fun of the horse girl.
Now I’m older and more mature, and I feel bad. So do you forgive
GIRL: “OK I forgive you.”

What’s worse than a long, silly, scripted story like ‘The Horse Girl Opener’ is that Brad P. claims in the headline of his marketing copy, “This is the Opener that Got Me Laid More Than Any Other Opener”; as if girls became attracted to him and got themselves wet because he crafted this panty-dropping routine.

What Brad P. (and much of the PUA community) doesn’t understand is that routines don’t create “attraction”. Attraction is NOT the words you use or even what you talk about; it’s the emotions evoked when interacting with a girl.

For example, I could tell a story about my Grandmother’s cookie recipe and if I communicated it with emotional intensity, it would generate attraction because emotions equal attraction. Better to focus on how a girl feels than to talk at her with routines hoping for the best.

Instead of an elaborate routine like ‘The Horsegirl Opener’, a man can simply say, “Hi. I’m [his name]. I wanted to meet you.” This shows confidence, which is obviously very attractive to women and gets them responding positively.

When men need routines, they’re using routines as a crutch to convey personality, appear interesting, and manipulate women into positive reactions.   And they are literally foregoing their own identity to assume someone else’s identity.  It’s inauthentic behavior that’s comes off as creepy, deceitful, and very unattractive.

Moreover, men shouldn’t have to lie and use routines because women are extremely good at determining whether a man brings value to the table or not. A man that hides behind a routine is conveying that he isn’t confident in himself, that he isn’t enough for a woman, and as such, and offers no real value.

clown game pua

this is the face of over-gaming a.k.a Ronald McDonald’ing

What routines do accomplish is turning the guys who use them into ‘over-gaming’ clowns around girls.  These guys use routines as a series of long scripted stories that trap girls into setting up for a silly punchline (see ‘The Horsegirl Opener’).  While the girls may appear to be  entertained and interested, these girls never see the clowns as sexual threats (in a good way).  It’s the reason girls flake on them and don’t take them seriously; or they end up in the dreaded friend-zone.

Women are looking for men with a specific set of attributes, so good ‘game’ means becoming the man that women desire. Such attributes might include demonstrating leadership, being comfortable in an environment, fitness, intellectual ability, wealth, social standing, strong sense of purpose, etc. It’s no coincidence that absolutely anyone who gets good at picking up women also excels in many other areas of their life. It’s the cause, not the effect.  Ultimately, this is what gets guys laid.

JT Styles (43 Posts)

JT Styles is a dating coach located in New York City. He has trained extensively in the social and seductions arts since 2008 and teaches a distinctive style of approaching women based on masculinity, honest sexual expression, and understanding female emotion. His clients include professional executives, college students, divorced singles, the sexually inexperienced, and any man that wishes to improve his current dating situation.

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  1. Luke says:

    Funny, I started out using the horse girl opener a lot and then learned all the lessons in the post through experience

  2. M3 says:

    Probably a bit of truth wrapped around a marketing gimmick.

    If i told you that as a gun range marksman, than with one simple trikc, simply touching my nose before shooting, i hit more bullseyes than any other setup.. i would be speaking the truth..

    if all i ever did was touch my nose before each shot AFTER i started getting good at shooting.

    this guy may indeed use that horse opener and get laid like tile. But it’s not the opener. It’s just that he’s gotten good at everything else that follows.

    Yet he can still make that claim with a straight face.

  3. yawn says:

    Lol, I see uve fallen for the “natural game marketing” that RSD started which basicly is all “hail natural game and fuck routines”.

    Then you look at the actual results, look at RSDnation, never in history have world seen a place with a larger amount of brainwashed virgins who dont get laid.

    Then you look at the attraction forums field report sections, woah! guys are actually getting laid!!

    Routines give you something to work with when you have bad social experience, routines are crusial to fast track your success.

    Have fun in RSDland!

    • H MAN says:


  4. jeremy says:

    AMEN brotha, once your learn “how to be great with women” you don’t need gimmicks or tricks, (you just become sexxy as a way of being/acting) internal changes in yourself will come out as the changes in you that work, pick up lines and tricks are for circus monkeys

  5. kola says:

    Any guy that uses that routine deserves to be laughed right out of the house. Maybe he made that book just to make other guys look like total dorks??


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